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David is our friendly, PGA Qualified Professional. You will always receive a warm welcome into his well-stocked shop.
Why not enquire about a lesson package or a fitting on top brands on state of the art dopplar radar ball flight technology such as FlightScope?

Tel: +44 (0)1355 303030 (option 2)
An innovative combination of 3D Doppler tracking and image processing. FlightScope’s patented fusion tracking technology is a world first, providing a realistic and accurate method for combining radar and camera data.
Customizable interface
Select various data and video screen combinations to display during each lesson

Lesson recording
Record lessons for valuable feedback by utilizing drawing tools and screencast with voice-over

Club and ball trace
View actual club and ball trace overlay on video along with accurate data, pressure shift, and mental training for an all-in-one solution

MultiCam feeds
Automatically record and sync videos from multiple cameras for instant review
Bonnyton Golf Club
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